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A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL constitutes a vast network of choirs present  on four continents, which has enshrined its vision, for several decades, in the  radiation of the choral world through exchanges.  Thanks to the energy and passion of  thousands of enthusiasts and partners committed to opening up choral practice to all,  our members share, within and beyond the French-speaking world,  resources and programs with a view to intercultural dialogue.

Join us today to build, by singing, a world of diversity, of solidarity  and peace,  for the benefit of current and future generations.


TO HEART  JOIE INTERNATIONAL's mission is to make as many people as possible discover the joy of singing in chorus and to develop a community having in common the desire to  share the discovery of musical and cultural differences. The commitment to a popular education movement dedicated to choral music is combined  for the sake of quality, with a high level of musical requirements,  and to a constant will  to tighten  the links within  our association. Through  this vocation, it is thus about  :

  • federate all structures  associative movements  and federations  A Coeur Joie national;

  • implement and coordinate the action of our associative structures, movements and federations;

  • promote the networking of the activities of our  associative structures, movements and federations;

  • contribute to the development of the practice of choral singing everywhere, by all and for all;

  • promote the safeguarding and development of the cultural heritage, which constitutes the repertoire  choral in all its diversity.


A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL founded  the meaning of its action mainly on:

  • education through participation in choral work,

  • learning about community life,

  • openness to all forms of art,

  • openness to all as a popular movement

The Brasov Declaration adopted in 2017, 30 years after the Namur Declaration  in 1987, strongly recalls the association's deep attachment to humanist values, a precious legacy of  founding fathers. 


TO HEART  JOIE INTERNATIONAL constitutes, in a globalized context, a  large community of women and men, of all generations, sharing the desire to create, through choral music, bridges of dialogue and peace between the different  cultures, within the French-speaking world and beyond.

Our network  today counts 15  federations and associations present on 3 continents:

  • Europe :  France, Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels), Switzerland,  Romania, England, Germany  (Federation of Choirs  Franco-German)

  • America : Canada (Quebec)

  • Africa : Morocco, DRC, Togo, Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Benin


Other federations are in formation, especially in French-speaking African countries.

Join us today in this musical fraternity which is enriched by  our diversity.


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