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A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL maintains a large network of partners throughout the world, within the framework of  international cooperation in choral music. Founding member of IFCM and Europa Cantat, we are developing  so  privileged relationships on a multifaceted level  : technical, institutional partnerships.  

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International Federation for Choral Music


A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL is a founding member of the IFCM and is headquartered in  this title, to the Board as an ex officio member with the post of Vice-Chairman. An intense partnership has developed over the years through active participation in the design and implementation  IFCM projects:  

  • supply of instructors for the project   training of conductors without borders , particularly in Africa and Latin America.

  • remarkable presence in management and organization   events (World Symposium for Choral Music, IFCM Music Expo, World Choral Day)

  • sharing of experience and expertise

  • promotion of IFCM projects to its network of members by encouraging and supporting the presence of its leaders, choirs and conductors.



A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL maintains privileged links with Europa Cantat of which it is a founding member. He shares his expertise in fields as varied as training, organization of events,  project management.

This partnership of heart and reason also translates into mutual support and permanent consultation on policies and strategies of common interest in the field of choral singing.



A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL develops a fruitful partnership with the first pan-African festival in Africa  Africa Cantat. A member of the International Committee, ACJI puts its network of conductors and its expertise in organizing festivals at the service of this CAMC initiative. Thanks to her knowledge of the choral environment and to the cultural cooperation that she perpetuates with the network of French Linguistic and Cultural Institutes on the continent,  ACJI provides decisive support for the promotion and success of this event.  



​A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL has built a partnership  solid with Musica International. Anxious to offer access to the broadest repertoire to its members, ACJI is an active member and participates in the Board of Directors  To  the life and development of MI, of which he chairs the  Board of Directors. In return, ACJI supports and promotes the online sheet music bank and provides privileged access to its member federations, indirectly through its choirs and conductors.

Network of French Institutes


NGO  member of the International Organization of La Francophonie, A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL relies on a dynamic cooperation network through French cultural institutes scattered throughout the French-speaking world and beyond.

A partnership which resulted in the implementation of its training program under the CWB label on the African continent in particular thanks to  logistical assistance from cooperation and cultural action services.

In a globalized context, A Cœur  Joie International is a  community of women and men sharing the desire to create, through choral music, bridges of peace between the different  cultures, within the French-speaking world and beyond.  Join us today in this musical fraternity which is enriched by  our diversity.

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