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​TO HEART  JOIE INTERNATIONAL brings together, beyond music,  men and women sharing an ideal of living in harmony in a world of cultural diversity. Around training projects and meetings, they thus concretize their thirst for repertoires and desires for exchanges. Festivals, conductors' congresses, weekends, singing weeks ... So many opportunities to share our passion, to open up a horizon on innovative practices and to take a prospective look at our future common choir. With an open window on other choral communities around the world. The activities are organized around  4 main axes.


Develop common synergies

A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL draws its vitality from the collective energy of its members, drawn from  of  their  differences  mutuals.  Connect our voices by promoting exchanges between choirs and conductors  and member federations, here is our greatest wealth: exchanges of directories, twinning,   tours, joint concerts, etc.  We also create bridges between chefs to allow them to share  practices, pedagogies, resources, repertoires and innovations:  Congresses, workshops, exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences ...   Through these discussion spaces, our chefs find an ideal framework for progression  and fulfillment  in contact with others.


Contribute to the emergence of talents

Thanks to a long experience in training for all ages, all  levels and a solid network of trainers supervised by a multicultural teaching team with proven multidisciplinary skills, A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL  pursues the ambition of   develop a popular practice of choral singing  conjugate  to  concern for quality and a high level of musical standards.  Internships, workshops,  days, weekends,   academies,   summer schools  ... Tailor-made, innovative formats that listen to the needs of chefs, singers or musicians, beginners or experienced, amateurs or professionals, children, young people, adults or the elderly.

The programs are developed with the support of the Music Council or in partnership with local federations or partners such as the IFCM  through the " Conductors without borders " initiative.


Preserving our heritage

A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL is committed to the protection and safeguarding of the precious cultural heritage that constitutes the choral singing repertoire in all its diversity. It shares this special responsibility with all its members and is part of the preservation of the intangible heritage of peoples.  The collection, transcription and editing of paper or electronic media, with a sustainable approach likely to ensure a  transmission of repertoires to future generations is part of this effort.

To do this, it relies on the initiatives of its members:


Promote diversity and originality

A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL constitutes a unique melting pot of cultural diversity through the richness of repertoires, cultures and choral practices which cross the borders of the French-speaking space, beyond the continents. The strength of our network is expressed through a desire to promote the sharing of various directories while developing a directory common to all members. This generosity, based on a spirit of openness, facilitates access to our cultural heritage. It constitutes the cement of our musical fraternity, the most complete expression of our choral humanity.



With A CŒUR JOIE INTERNATIONAL, discover the strength of a  community committed to self-fulfillment  individual and collective of its members. Offer you diversified activities  and always renewed to adapt them to  your needs are our greatest pleasure. Inspired by the values of our traditions, we are listening to new and original ideas for  make you live the most beautiful experience  choral.

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